08 Mar 2017

What Is Ingrown Pubic Hair?

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Anyone who shaves the pubic area is at risk for developing ingrown pubic hairs. The pubic area is one of the most common areas for women to get ingrown hairs, states Health Guidances.com. The hairs are caused when a hair that has been shaved, plucked or waxed grows into the wall of the hair follicle […]

05 Mar 2017

Eliminate Bacterial Vaginosis through Natural Cures

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Natural cures for bacterial vaginosis are one of the most effective ways of curbing this condition. BV though can be treated by antibiotic medication, but it will just eliminate the symptoms rather than curbing the cause of it. Bacterial vaginosis is a painful syndrome usually followed by inflammation of the vaginal tissues. The malady is […]

03 Mar 2017

Antibiotic Treatment For MRSA

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MRSA staph infection is a rising problem in the present medical world. The infection can be life-threatening and they are resistant to many other customary treatments for infections. What Is MRSA? MRSA is a fatal infection that is caused by Staphylococcus aureus bacteria, which is referred as “staph”. MRSA stands for methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus. Since […]

02 Mar 2017

Slimquick Drink Diet Info

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The Slimquick drink diet can be a great tool in helping women lose weight quickly and safely, as long as all instructions are followed carefully and the dieter gets a doctor’s consent to begin the program. To achieve weight loss, slim quick drink mixes, also called “fat burner packets,” must be taken exactly as directed […]

01 Mar 2017

How to remove tonsil stones by vinegar solution

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There are many ways to have tonsil stones removed whether you want to get rid of the stones yourself or have a doctor remove them but will a vinegar solution do the trick? It has been an old wife’s tale for years that gurgling and swallowing vinegar in all different kinds of combinations will help […]

27 Mar 2016

Treatment for Blisters on Feet

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Blisters that appear on the feet for whatever reason can be painful and make it difficult to wear shoes or even walk. Not to mention, improper treatment for blisters on feet can lead to a dangerous infection. It is best to get the blisters taken care of as soon as they appear in order to […]

25 Mar 2016

Hemorrhoid Treatment Options

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There are thousands of hemorrhoid treatment options for hemorrhoids in the market today. But adequate care and judgement must be exercised to avoid administering the wrong treatment for your hemorrhoids and vice versa. As doing this can prove counter productive and you could end up with a treatment that would not work for your situation […]

24 Mar 2016

Make Your Home More Energy Efficient and Save Money With Our Top Tips

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According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Atlanta homeowners paid 37.3% more for utility gas in January, but paid 11.7% lower prices for electricity as compared to the U.S. average. These differences are primarily due to seasonal changes, such as excessive heat in the summer and colder winters that cause those in this area to […]

22 Mar 2016

Huntingtons Disease Symptoms

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Huntington’s disease is nothing but a disorder that is generally passed-down via families in which bodily nerve cells in some regions of the brain degenerate or waste away. Main Causes for the Disease Huntington’s disease is normally produced by a hereditary fault on chromosome 4. The fault/defect causes a portion of DNA known as a […]

16 Jan 2016

Red Waffle Disease: How Will You Know You Have One?

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Red waffle disease is an emerging sexually transmitted disease. It shares almost the same manifestations as that of the other diseases under this same umbrella. It may also be mistaken with blue waffle which has a closest resemblance with this disease. A red waffle may mean two things. Waffle is often used in replacement of […]