I choose to be in the World not the Whole World

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How can I not help feel good on days like today? We get up by 5am at our home and I am so glad because I would truly hate to miss out on the beautiful sunrises, the smell of my neighbors Iris’s, or hearing the early birds song? Yes I woke up with very sore knees, a pain in my right thigh and my left shoulder is aching, but once I get up and look outside I am amazed how small I am in the scope of this beautiful world. This helps me keep my pain in perspective. While yes every step hurts, I am more interested in days like today than my own misery.

I have been sleeping good once I get to sleep. At the end of the day I have such sore legs, my knees burn unless I lay straight and I have never been able to sleep on my back, besides that hurts my neck and shoulders. It takes me a while to relax and get to sleep, but then I sleep good maybe turn once in a while, but other than that I sleep. I know it is a combination of taking Neuronton, Trazadone and Relafen at bedtime and my Fibromyalgia Intelli Bed. It is the most comfortable bed made and I know because I have spent so much time trying all other mattresses or mattress pads and it is by far the best. I wish there was a way to bring the price down so it is more affordable to others because I know thousands that would benefit from one of them.

I call my Rheumagtologist yesterday and they have received 9 of my Dr’s records so things are going nicely. He wanted to have all of my records before I can go back to him and he is getting them, so I will be able to keep my appointment on the 29th.

I hope some day soon I will be able to tell others of something that has worked for me, but instead I think I am showing how different we all our, how many different symptoms we have and what works for some does not work for others. Maybe someday I can make a difference in others who also suffer from these debilitating disorders.

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