Is Obama’s “Birth Certificate” controversy racially motivated?

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“I don’t scratch my head unless it itches, I don’t dance unless I hear music“–Denzel Wahington as Coach Herman Boone in “Remember the Titans”

I like that line, movies always come up with some cool sayings to me, and in this case if you miss the meaning it means “I don’t fake and front” or “schuck and jive” or “do the dance/ play the game” just to stroke your egos, once another blogger praised me for “Keeping it 100%” another way of saying “keeping it real
Then by all means, let’s keep it real shall we?
I feel that for awhile, I have NOT been keeping it real, posting BS blogs as to not “upset” anyone or giving anyone reason to call me a “reverse racist”, but I can only “fake it” for so long,  This subject has been bothering me like a thorn in my side for the longest time, and it may not be in the news, I don’t think it has ever occured to anyone, now this post is not defending Obama, after all ANY President is prone to slip-ups, but what I am talking about is this Birth Certificate fiasco, to which I shake my head.

It seems to me that had Obama not been some funny-sounding name dude from Hawaii, his citizenship would not have even come into question, but since he is of a different skin-color, these faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrr right-wing ass nuts want to question his “background” or legitamacy for being President of the United States, talking that BS about “where’s the birth certificate?”–are you f’n kidding me?
It’s the highest office in the land, don’t you think they’d DO A BACKGROUND CHECK?!!!!
I think that the real heart of the matter is that SOME, not all people just can’t digest  the idea of a Black President, and there has to be SOMETHING wrong with his election right?!!
Oh, *slaps head*, that’s it! He’s not really a citizen, well get his ass outta there!, put McCain in, now order has been restored to the universe!” correct?

Now, some of you may think I am ranting again or reading too much into things, but am I?   afterall, in this day and age, it’s not PC to be racist, but I’d respect them more if they just came out and said what they really feel (like the REAL racists do), at least we know where they stand, what I can’t stand is the fakers who feel this way but are too chicken-sh*t to express it, so they make up these absolutely ridiculous claims to hide behind their TRUE motives, and before whoever posts with some bullcrap about “I’m being racist”, first off, we live in 2 very different worlds, so our life experiences are different and I may be a little more astute to seeing it than some, it would be the same scenario if a woman called sexism when she sees it, a man would say “ahhhh you’re crazy!”
whereas I would say “is she?”
am I?  Is Obama’s birth certificate situation racially motivated?

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