Eliminate Bacterial Vaginosis through Natural Cures

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Natural cures for bacterial vaginosis are one of the most effective ways of curbing this condition. BV though can be treated by antibiotic medication, but it will just eliminate the symptoms rather than curbing the cause of it. Bacterial vaginosis is a painful syndrome usually followed by inflammation of the vaginal tissues. The malady is often caused by imbalance in the nature and thus they restrain the vaginal wall. There are two types of bacterial agents, Lactobacillus and Gardnerella. These bacteria don’t create any problem under mild circumstance. Meanwhile, Lactobacillus tries its best to control any accidental growth of Gardnerella.

There are simple incidents involved into causing the imbalance. For instance, over-washing of clothes or washing underwear or inner garments by using certain detergents. In addition to that, sometimes not feeling well also causes this disease to happen, and most of the time, changing sexual partner sparks off the disease. The vaginal wall perceives a certain reaction and the bacteria Gardnerella starts to reproduce fast, causing the painful symptoms of bacterial vaginosis which normally accompanies with syndromes like bringing sensation of the tissues in the vaginal wall, a gray watery liquid discharge and a disgusting fishy smell.

If you consult the medical expert or doctors, they will often prescribe you antibiotics. The antibiotic at first eliminate all the bacteria inside the vaginal wall, both Lactobacillus and Gardnerella will terminate the common syndromes of Bacterial Vaginosis in almost 3 days. However, once the effect of the antibiotic has faded away, and the bacteria naturally start to populate again in the vaginal wall, then the condition becomes from good to worse. Because, in that case, the Lactobacillus bacteria does not have adequate immunity to keep control of the Gardnerella bacteria, making the bacterial symptoms grow all over again. This is the reason why almost 70% of women after taking antibiotic have the irritation of repeated bacterial attack within few weeks of time.

BV can be eliminated through natural cures because it not only effective but also works in absolutely different way to antibiotic. Working while giving strength to immune systems as well as eliminating the syndromes of this disease, the natural remedy gives a long term solution to this problem. Home remedies are an effective method which ensures a complete restore of body’s natural balance so that the body can naturally withstand any future eruption of bacterial increase.

Following are the list of tips mentioning for curing bacterial vaginosis:

  • Take a bath in warm water and put in two cups of cider vinegar
  • Make a habit of using tea-tree oil pastries. This is one of the best treatment having immense amount of natural antiseptic properties. This gives you immense relief from the BV syndromes.
  • Soak a tampon, an absorbent material in live natural yogurt and let is sip for the whole night. The Lactobacillus present in natural yogurt can refill and make stronger the Lactobacillus in the vaginal wall.
  • For an instant relief, place a cold flannel on the vaginal area. You can also wrap some pieces of ice in the flannel to get added relaxation.

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