How To Achieve A Prostate Orgasm

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A prostate orgasm is one that is achieve by massaging the prostate gland. They are far superior than a penis orgasm and many men say that they are a beautiful and moving experience that have changed them.

More Than One Type Of Male Orgasm?

When most men think about the male orgasm, they imagine the type of orgasm that is achieved via stimulation of the penis. This stimulation can be by hand (either your own or someone else’s), mouth, vagina or anus. There are also other sex toys that you can use to stimulate your penis but I am not going to get into that here.

What many men don’t know about is that they can experience the best orgasm of their life by stimulating the prostate rather than the penis. This is especially useful for men that have problems achieving erections.

Prostate orgasms are the most intense form of male orgasm. They happen when the nerves of the prostate are most stimulated. It is undoubtedly the most satisfying orgasm.  The prostate gland is the male “G Spot”. A prostate orgasm feel like a full body orgasm. Your whole body will pulsate, contract and tingle. Your erection will throb and be bigger than you have ever experienced. One of the best thing about prostate orgasms is that they do not just last for seconds but for a lot longer for that. I know people that have had them for up to an hour. I have not been that lucky yet though.

Recommended Prostate Toys

Once you have discovered the pleasures of prostate milking, it is normal to start looking for prostate toys that make it easier.

It can often be tiring to milk the prostate with your finger alone.

For this reason there is a huge market for prostate stimulators and massages such as Aneros.

The Aneros comes in many different sizes, depending on your level of experience. The helix, as show above is ideal for beginners. If you click on the link above it will show your your options.

The Progasm Ice is my favorite prostate toy. The best thing about the aneros prostate toys is that they stimulate the prostate internally via the anus and externally via the perineum for maximum pleasure.

Are you a rude boy? The Rude-Boy vibrating massage offers dual action to please the prostate and perineum. To enjoy the unique experience of Rude-Boy, use a water based lubricant. Position the bullet behind the scrotum with the opposite end resting against your prostate. You can sit up or lie back and rock against Rude-Boy to provide hands-free stimulation. Strong, silent vibrations abound thanks to the included 1.5v battery that is included. Take this 100% waterproof toy with you in the tub or shower for some super wet fun. Warning: Intense ejaculation!

This is a basic model and it is inexpensive for if you just want to try something out without spending a lot of money.

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