How to remove tonsil stones by vinegar solution

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There are many ways to have tonsil stones removed whether you want to get rid of the stones yourself or have a doctor remove them but will a vinegar solution do the trick? It has been an old wife’s tale for years that gurgling and swallowing vinegar in all different kinds of combinations will help clear away your tonsilloliths. However, although the trick does seem to work for people today you can improve the way of vinegar style. Today people seem to be using an Apple Cider vinegar solution to drink to eliminate their stones. One reason is because it is simply more enjoyable to drink but does the Apple Cider have any other benefits other than taste?

Since you have the same results with Apple Cider vinegar and regular vinegar it is hard to determine what extra benefits the cider has. It would probably be safe to say it is a tastier and easier way to get rid of your tonsil stones from home.

This method doesn’t seem to be something that you want to try then you may be wondering alternatives on vinegar style excluded. If you still want to try to remove them at home then you could try scraping them off with your tongue or squeezing them out with cotton swabs or tweezers. Try to be careful if you have a sensitive gag reflex though so you don’t end up getting sick all over yourself. Using a water pick to flush out the water stones is also a very popular at home treatment options too even though it may cause a little discomfort.

Depending on how severe your tonsil stones are you may have to seek professional help to treat or remove them. Sometimes a tonsillectomy is needed which is where a surgeon completely removes your tonsils all together. You mostly see this operation done in children but many adults have had to undergo it as well. If your stones are removable you may be sedated while the surgeon goes in and physically scrapes off your tonsils stones and flushes the pockets out. These are all effective ways but they will be much more expensive than the at home methods.

When you have successfully removed your stones then you just have to focus on keeping up good oral hygiene. The better you take care of your mouth and immune system the better chance you have at avoiding these painful and irritating tonsil stones. So in conclusion, yes you can get rid of tonsilloliths like the wife’s tale says or if not you have plenty of others options to choose from. Just remember to keep yourself safe because if these stones go untreated they could cause a bigger infection. Eliminating them at home may be a little more painful but it is definitely easier on your wallet if you are looking to avoid hospital bills and other expenses.

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