Red Waffle Disease: How Will You Know You Have One?

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Red waffle disease is an emerging sexually transmitted disease. It shares almost the same manifestations as that of the other diseases under this same umbrella. It may also be mistaken with blue waffle which has a closest resemblance with this disease.

A red waffle may mean two things. Waffle is often used in replacement of the term vagina to reduce vulgarity when mentioned in the public other than in medical conferences. This would lead to one meaning of red waffle – menstruation. The other one is the sexually transmitted disease where the hallmark representation is the reddening of the area of the female genitalia. But since menstruation in its simple terms is not a disease, the following will focus on the sexually transmitted one.

How will you know you have one? Well at first, it may be difficult to really say that the disease has taken place. But on its onset, the person may feel severe itchiness on the vaginal area. This is the first sign of bacterial infestation. This may just mean for some as bacterial invasion because of poor hygienic practices but it can be an early sign already.

At some point in time, maybe several days after its onset, red patches will begin to develop. These patches come as a result of the breakage of skin barriers on the area of the flaps that cover the vagina that are also known as the labia.

Once the patches continue to spread and that crusting occurs, it can be the best point of entry for bacteria and viruses. You will greatly know if it has entered your systems when you are already having fever. You might actually find fever as disturbing but this is actually a sign that your body is working to fight infection.

As fever continues to set in, you might also smell odorous fluids coming from the reddish patches that come to cover the labia. This is another sign that the body is fighting bacteria.

When all of these signs are present, consult your doctor right away for you may already have red waffle disease. There are still several laboratory tests to be done to get to the real cause of the circumstances you are experiencing. There is really no definite thing to say that you have this condition except when you have undergone tests and have been on a consultation.

These early signs of red waffle disease may still progress to more serious signs and symptoms. But as long as you will just have prompt attention when the first signs appear, you will be saved from fatalities. Moreover, you will also be saved from spending a lot of money to correct serious complications. Now that you have the knowledge of the early signs of the disease, you will find it easy to avail of prompt care from a hospital facility. Early detection, like in most diseases of its kind is the best recourse towards positive prognosis.

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