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The Slimquick drink diet can be a great tool in helping women lose weight quickly and safely, as long as all instructions are followed carefully and the dieter gets a doctor’s consent to begin the program. To achieve weight loss, slim quick drink mixes, also called “fat burner packets,” must be taken exactly as directed on the packaging, excepting any alterations to the plan made by one’s doctor or nutrionist. Dieters must still eat a healthy, balanced diet, drink plenty of water, and get adequate exercise at least three times a week, but if they incorporate the slimquick srink mix into this plan, they will soon find that the pounds fall off much more easily. The drinks are designed to work specifically with a woman’s body and to reduce bloating and water retention, burn excess calories, reduce the stress that can lead to weight gain or overeating, increase metabolism so the dieter burns calories more quickly, increase energy so the dieter is able to exercise for longer periods of time and thus burn fewer calories as well as require less food, and, of course, reduce appetite and cravings.

Dieters should be aware that the weight loss slimquick drink plan varies from week to week. During week one, dieters should take one Slimquick srink mix in the morning and one in the afternoon; during week two, dieters should take two servings in the morning and one in the afternoon; and during week three, dieters should take two servings in the morning and two in the afternoon. The powder packet should be poured into a 16.9 ounce bottle of cold water. After adding the powder, dieters should close the bottle and shake it up to properly mix the powder into the water. The drink should be taken with food and is usually consumed with breakfast or lunch. Drinking the powder without eating will often cause dieters to become ill and possible vomiting may occur. Dieters should never exceed the recommended amount and should never take more than four servings in one day. In most cases, the drinks should not be used for longer than four months, though only a doctor can tell a dieter how long to continue the plan. Users should avoid taking the product near bedtime.

The weight loss Slimquick drink packets should not be used by children, those who are pregnant, those who are nursing, or those who are trying to become pregnant. A doctor should be consulted if one experiences pain in the chest, dizziness or nausea, pain in the stomach, jaundice, or consistent headaches. Following these instructions will lead to a much better experience with the diet.

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