05 Mar 2017

Eliminate Bacterial Vaginosis through Natural Cures

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Natural cures for bacterial vaginosis are one of the most effective ways of curbing this condition. BV though can be treated by antibiotic medication, but it will just eliminate the symptoms rather than curbing the cause of it. Bacterial vaginosis is a painful syndrome usually followed by inflammation of the vaginal tissues. The malady is […]

02 Mar 2017

Red Waffle Disease: How Will You Know You Have One?

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Red waffle disease is an emerging sexually transmitted disease. It shares almost the same manifestations as that of the other diseases under this same umbrella. It may also be mistaken with blue waffle which has a closest resemblance with this disease. A red waffle may mean two things. Waffle is often used in replacement of […]

22 Mar 2016

Huntingtons Disease Symptoms

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Huntington’s disease is nothing but a disorder that is generally passed-down via families in which bodily nerve cells in some regions of the brain degenerate or waste away. Main Causes for the Disease Huntington’s disease is normally produced by a hereditary fault on chromosome 4. The fault/defect causes a portion of DNA known as a […]

07 Oct 2015

Multiple Sclerosis

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Multiple sclerosis is a chronic degenerative disease of the nervous system, the cause of which is unknown. It usually begins between the ages of 20 and 40. It is more common among whites than among blacks and seems to be more frequent in Europe, particularly in the Scandinavian countries, than in the United States. It […]

06 Oct 2015


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Phenylketonuria is a rare, recessive, hereditary disorder that manifests itself in infancy, and, if untreated, causes lasting brain damage by the age of six months. Its symptoms include severe mental retardation and other neurological disorders. The disease is caused by an abnormal accumulation of the amino acid phenylalanine in the body. Phenylalanine is one of […]

05 Oct 2015


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Radiotherapy, also called radiation therapy, the use of radiation in the treatment of disease, especially cancer. Radiation can be administered by means of X-ray therapy machines, cobalt machines, and betatrons, which develop very high voltage. It can also be administered through radium or radioisotopes, which are radioactive forms of elements. Radioisotopes, such as radioactive iodine, […]

05 Oct 2015


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Beriberi is a disease caused by a deficiency of vitamin B1, or thiamine, in the diet. Although some thiamine may be synthesized by bacteria living in the intestines, they cannot produce it in quantities large enough to meet the body’s needs. Beriberi can be prevented only by eating foods containing the vitamin. These foods include […]

04 Oct 2015


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Brucellosis, also known as undulant fever or Malta fever, is a varied illness consisting of fever, debility, headache, marked and persistent sweating, joint pains, and aching of the limbs and back. If the infected person or animal is pregnant, abortion usually results. The causal organisms are small bacteria of the Brucella genus which persist among […]

03 Oct 2015


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Pneumonoconiosis is the term given to a group of diseases of the lungs which arise from the inhalation of irritating particles in the dusts associated with occupations such as coal-mining (anthracosis), steel-grinding (siderosis), quarrying in slate and gold mines (silicosis), and the manufacture of asbestos articles (asbestosis). The disease leads to a fibroid thickening of […]

09 Apr 2015

Bullous & Non-bullous impetigo

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Impetigo can be a transmittable infection that impacts superficial layers of the skin. This prevails amongst kids however people who keep in close connection with the contaminated are likewise susceptible to this. Based upon the kind of skin lesions, impetigo categorized into 2 types’ specifically non-bullous impetigo (impetigo with crusts) and bullous impetigo (big bruises) […]